‚Not Forever’ originated during the hospitalization of my severely (profound multiple) disabled son, André.
I accompanied my very sick son day and night.

During this traumatic time thoughts whirled and organized themselves in my head – these formed into words
and I could soon sing them into his ear. The melody was born.......

To produce the song I received help from:

Keyboards..........LUI (EBERHARD KÖNIG)
Bass...............MICHAEL ZIMPEL
Mix and Mastering..LUI (EBERHARD KÖNIG)

I would like to genuinely thank you for the
ready and willing commitment!

Special thanks to:

Jasmin Dahabi, Linda und Jessica McCracken,
Gemeinschaft Schloss Blumenthal, Adrian, André,
Sascha Westrupp, Dr. Markus Ambrosy, Projekt 'Total Normal'.

Responsible for the video, photo and web: Oliver Heuft
Thank you for the unselfish help!

If the time in hospital was meant to be that I should
write a song that helps and supports
severely (profound multiple) disabled children
then I could live quite relaxed and content.

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Every download financially supports
severely (profound multiple) disabled children!