hh The association Helping Hands (Helfende Hände) was formed by a parents association.
In 1969 a group of parents had a common problem:

Their children were so severely disabled that no Munich facility had adequate facilities or support for them.
Through their parents own initiative Helping Hands was formed.

A small association with significant challenges needs help, your help. The association has reached a point where it urgently needs
your financial support to run the facility further and for the new building of a development workshop, residential home and
short-term care centre.

Your support ensures that despite their circumstances the children receive a good life in a school, workshop and in their
residential home. There is a danger that many families still care for their profound multiple disabled children at home, even
though through health or financial reasons they are not in the position to do so. For the affected children this would not
apply as they would have a life with group work, social contact and meaningful activities, hence they would have more a feeling
of self-worth resulting from this.

You would like to help?

Every donation you give even small amounts are welcome!

Helfende Hände e.V.
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
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Talk about this courageous association 'Helping Hands'.
The more people that know the associaton and its problems,
will mean more support will be received. And of course:

The Song ‚Not Forever’ is waiting for your download.

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